NOTE (19MAY22): Due to current business volume, we are not accepting new commercial accounts for repairs only. Our other services remain available to new customers, and repair services continue to be available to existing customers. If you need repairs and don't have an account, please call and we can refer you to another service provider near you.

2Q22 Schedule of Standard Charges

3Q22 Schedule of Standard Charges

2022 Standard Terms & Conditions, FAQ

Standard Charges- Explanation

Fleet Services FAQ


The following guides address generic information commonly requested by customers. Additional topics specific to your operation can be addressed, pursuant to the applicable Training & Consulting rate in the Schedule of Standard Charges.

TG-03 End-of-Season Equipment Cleaning, Storage, & Winterizing

TG-02 Guide to Sharpening Agricultural Rotary Mower Blades

TG-01 Guide to Budgeting for Used Equipment Purchases