Commercial Fleet Maintenance Services

Save on the labor and downtime costs of waiting in line at the garage. Flat-rate services provided within 50 miles (by road) of 08825, with a typical lead time of 3-5 business days. Service outside this range is subject to a mileage and/or fuel surcharge pursuant to the quarterly Schedule of Standard Charges in effect.

Call 732.693.8312 to schedule service today, or use the quote form available above to submit a request.

While our best sellers are flat-rate PM services, we also provide in-field repair services. billed at time and materials per the Schedule of Standard Charges in effect that quarter. Please call for a quote or visit the "Documents" tab for more information.



TRUCK SIZE                                         SITE CHARGE      +     PER UNIT 
Up to 15,000 GVWR                             $150                                $100

20,001-33,000 GVWR                            $150                                $150

33,001-80,000 GVWR                            $150                                $300


Up to 50 flywheel HP                           $150                                $100

50-100 flywheel HP                               $150                                $150

Service includes new Shell 15w-40 CK-4 oil, a new WIX oil filter, removal of used oil, and a service record by email.


NOTE (19MAY22): Due to current business volume, we are not accepting new commercial accounts for repairs only. Our other services remain available to new customers, and repair services continue to be available to existing customers. If you need repairs and don't have an account, please call and we can refer you to another service provider near you.

FLAT-RATE GREASING- 2022      (Available only in addition to flat-rate oil changes)

Light/Medium Truck  (GVWR<33,000)       $30

Heavy Truck- S/A                                           $45

Heavy Truck- T/A & 3/A                               $60 

Off-Road < 50 HP                                            $45

Off-Road 50-100 HP                                        $60                                             

Service includes injection of Valvoline 985 full-synthetic grease into every freely accessible steering, driveline, brake and suspension fitting (trucks), or steering, driveline, hitch, and loader fitting (off-road), replacement of up to 2 fittings, and a service record by email. Replacement of additional fittings, and greasing truck body or optional equipment fittings, is billed pursuant to the applicable Schedule of Standard Charges.