What does your name mean?

Our first customer was a potato grower, and Solanum is the genus that includes potato (S. tuberosum) and tomato (S. lycopersicum) plants. The logo is a stylized outline of a moldboard, which is what we worked on for that customer. Although the business has moved away from agricultural machinery service, we still believe machinery should be as critical yet unassuming as the potato is, so the name stuck.

Flexibility is the new security. Fifty years ago, success meant a 50-bay garage. Today, it means having 8 operations in 6 states, or ten garages with 5 bays each. As we respond to an increasingly dynamic technological landscape, and citizens' growing expectations for us to lead the shift away from fossil fuels, flexibility and adaptability are the engine behind our success. Solanum is behind you on every step of this journey, in every way from service as flexible as your operation (both technologically and spatially), to expertise in building the infrastructure and human capital you need to manage your fleet effectively into the next decade and beyond.

Our value proposition is twofold. We provide in-field service for small or growing fleets, and we work with all fleets- commercial and public- to build their personnel and their in-house maintenance capabilities as the operation grows or changes. We are proud of the synergy between these missions- to be effective leaders, we need to spend time in the trenches ourselves.

Maintenance and repair are available in New Jersey and the Lehigh Valley; training, development, and research are available anywhere in the United States. Use our fillable form to let us know how we can work together, and let's get started!

Why are your trucks so old?

We help people keep equipment operating well for a long time, and we hope no one would take us seriously if we couldn't do the same with our own vehicles. The older trucks are great at helping people understand how we can help!

Our Proprietor

I'm Curtis McKittrick, and I'm the proprietor of Solanum, LLC. I've been fascinated by machinery since I was old enough to hold a wrench, and have been working with all types of equipment professionally since 2007. I've been fortunate enough to be able to focus on other things and become more well-rounded during certain parts of my professional life, but the way I've always come back to something machinery-related showed me that's where I have the most ability to create real value in the world. Since then, and starting Solanum, LLC in 2018, I've been continually refining my approach to helping people achieve their best through mechanization.

I consider the highlights of my career to be the times I've had the opportunity to share my experience within the public sector. In 2018, I earned a Master of Public Administration from Rutgers-Newark, which I did to learn more about how I can bridge the gap between the "nuts and bolts" and the political, financial, and personnel considerations inherent to public agencies.

I'm excited about the possibilities our changing environment creates- everything from vehicle electrification to new safety requirements creates opportunities for us to do better, to learn more, to save more, and to achieve more as fleet management people. If you'd like to join me in this journey, in whatever capacity- whether that be as a customer, as a partner, as a supplier, as an employee, or as a friend- I look forward to meeting you and learning more about what we can accomplish together.

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