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Solanum-Audio App for iOs
Use the sound your vehicle makes to narrow down where to start looking for problems. The app gathers a 5-second recording of the vehicle, sends it to us for processing, and 5-10 seconds later notifies you if the acoustic signature of engine, loose suspension and brake component, loose interior component, or a worn wheel bearing is detected. We are still working to improve the accuracy of the model used, and we have a long way to go. Try it out and let us know your thoughts, either by reviewing on the App Store or by emailing

Since this product is currently under development, downloads are free at least until we get some feedback on how well it works for our users. The app currently does not offer any in-app purchases.

See the FAQ and User Manual for this product on our Documents page.


High Speed Engine Analyzer for Android
Classify common types of engine knocks with the HSEA App. The software is aimed at experienced technicians in the industrial and heavy engine market, and is designed to identify acoustic patterns that aren't perceivable by ear alone, to help with distinguishing between exhaust manifold leaks, high-energy, bottom-end issues, and low-energy, top-end issues. Internal testing is currently able to distinguish between these problems, as well as give an approximate mass, within 25%, of the components involved with any mechanical knock. We are currently evaluating strategies to compile the code in such a way on-device processing will be possible, so the product can be used in locations without connectivity. This product is under development with anticipated release in 3Q24. To learn more, contact Curtis McKittrick at 732.693.8312 or .


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