As fall begins, a number of customers have experienced problems due to improper pressure-washing of electrical systems. Please refer to ATG-03 below or in the Technical Guides section for information on how proper washing can get you off to a great start next spring.


Flexibility is the new security. Fifty years ago, success meant owning the corner building with a cast iron clock in front. Today, it means having 8 operations in 6 states, or three farm markets with 36 crops each. As we respond to an increasingly diverse marketplace and faster-changing consumer tastes, flexibility is the security we depend on, and the engine we need, to respond to these market pressures effectively. Solanum is behind you on every step of this journey, with mobile service available anywhere in New Jersey, no matter how small, no matter how far from your headquarters or shop, and available where roads and tow trucks can't go.

Solanum, LLC works in New Jersey and the Lehigh Valley to keep agricultural, industrial, horticultural, and construction equipment working hard. Use our fillable form to let us know how we can help, and we'll get started together.