Municipal & Public Agency Services

We work within the unique challenges of a government environment, to provide you with flexible maintenance, repair, planning, & training solutions- all with the goal of setting you up for long-term success on your own. Our twofold approach provides you with both the services you need now to fill any gaps in your in-house support, and planning and consulting to permanently fill those gaps.


Our technical department's claim to fame is finding odd parts on short notice, for a good price. Municipal fleets often own a great number of one-off specialized equipment, and due to the public purchasing process the administrative cost of finding obsolete, specialty, and one-off parts can prohibit cost-effective operation of the equipment you depend on to provide the services your community expects.


Not only are we very good at finding the parts you need and dealing with the procurement hassle for you, but in many cases we make minor retrofits that let you sidestep the parts hassle altogether as legacy parts availability shifts. We can provide this service either as a vendor for the part itself, or as a professional service to guide your purchasing department. And of course, the hourly repair & research services we offer to our commercial customers is available to you too.

For those customers who, like us, prefer to support domestic manufacturers and union-made products, we can and do work with our suppliers to meet "Buy American" goals and we work with an extensive network of small, domestic suppliers you may be surprised to find are from our own United States of America!



The best results come from the right thinking, and we have extensive experience with helping everyone achieve their best in the unique environment found in a public setting. Our proprietor, Curtis McKittrick, holds a Master of Public Administration from Rutgers-Newark and has over a decade of experience delivering engaging, effective seminars on everything from maintenance process design to chemical safety. We reach your people wherever they're at in terms of both physical location and expertise level. We also welcome long-term, closed-loop projects that involve learning on our part too.

Are you driven by results, and need to make a change, but you're worried about the political ramifications? You can pay us to be the bad guy, and we promise we'll leave afterward.



Municipal governments often depend on many fixed machines for water pumping, sewage management, communications backup power, and many other needs. Servicing these assets over a wide geographic area can be challenging and costly for some public agencies- but not for us, since we are and always have been an exclusively mobile, field-based operation. We can complete and certify maintenance in accordance with manufacturer requirements, at prices similar to our fixed price schedule for commercial truck services. Generally we can work on a 3 business day lead time.



We look forward to working with public fleets to achieve long-term improvements in:

  • Matching budget cycles to equipment lifecycle

  • Developing policies and procedures to help public employees achieve their best as fleet technicians and managers

  • Financial planning for facilities and major equipment purchases

  • Managing & measuring the environmental impact of fleet operations