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Audio Analysis for Engine Noises



Is your engine making a tick noise, and you can't quite tell what it is? Through years of experience analyzing broken engines, Solanum, LLC has the ability to listen to acoustic data and determine several specific items that can give you a better idea of where to look and how expensive the repair may be. Among other data, we can determine the following from a 5-second sound file:

  • Approximate mass of the component(s) causing the noise

  • Whether the noise is from a mechanical collision or the expansion of a gas

    • This can help distinguish very loud manifold leaks from valve problems

    • The normal combustion noise of diesel & GDI engines can be distinguished from mechanical problems

  • Duration of the noise, to within about 5 milliseconds

  • Based on how often the noise occurs:

    • How many cylinders are affected     

    • Sometimes, whether the issue is more likely to be repairable vs. a "reman long block" situation

    • Whether the noise is caused by the rotating assembly vs. the valvetrain

If this capability can help your diagnostic process or help to confirm other diagnostic data, submit a 5-second audio file, and within 3 business days (often less, but it can take 3) we'll get back to you with a written report of the analysis. If you have questions about this service or to inquire about bulk purchases, please call 732.693.8312.

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